Why Make Notebooks?

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With so many, many notebooks in the marketplace, why would anyone want to make more?

always room for more sticker

Sticker available her.There are valid reasons (at least for me) to go down the rabbit hole of making handmade notebooks and other paper goods. Despite the existing deluge of paper-based journals, memo pads, and notebooks of all sizes out there, there’s always room for more. Or so this would-be paper bindery explorer would like to think.

Truthfully, part of the drive to create notebooks is the personal joy of tactile creation using paper materials. The effort is a labor of love, since the process requires more hours than rationalized in the end-product retail price. Another is a small, yet valid, belief that I can do something just different enough to be noticed in a tiny crevasse of that mountain of paper goods out there.

And there’s a belief that in this era of mega-faceless-companies producing automated goods shipped that ship around the world that some prefer (and appreciate) handmade notebooks. I’ve nothing against the machine-made journals and notebooks. I use and love them daily, but they are mostly soulless objects used for a purpose then tossed. Can’t remember ever sitting and admiring a Leuchtturm, running my hands over the cover and binding, wondering about the person whose hands created it.

So with hope and eagerness I want to believe the tiny part of the world I connect with will embrace and appreciate these little stacks of paper I craftily (and hopefully artistically) assemble.

Will the concept work and my handmade paper goods find homes? Stay tuned to find out.

"There's always room for a few more sticker" available here.

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