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Dapper Notes - Gardiner's Island - Notegeist dot com
Dapper Notes - Gardiner's Island
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Dapper Notes - Analects - Notegeist dot com
Dapper Notes - Analects
Dapper Notes - One Eye Open

The first, of hopefully many, special edition, Dapper Notes exclusive to Notegeist, is this eye-popping beauty called One Eye Open.

If you're not familiar with Dapper Notes, they are handmade, artisanal pocket notebooks created in very short limited editions.

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We carefully curate the goods sold at Notegeist, selecting unique and quality products. While you'll find major brands here, you'll also find unusual and hard-to-find goods, including favorites such as Blackwing single pencils and sampler sets.

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Our love shows...how we carefully pack your goods, toss in all sorts of bonuses, and include a handwritten note. Every time. Customers earn "secret" milestone and other bonuses. And, I'm far more interested in putting good stationery in your hands than the bottom line.

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"We" are a one-person shop, doing our best to make EVERY customer happy...before, during, and after each sale. After all, "we" are a stationery lover/nerd/nut...just like most of our customers.

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In my experience it's been ”you get what you get; don’t throw a fit.” Your company now has a lifelong loyal customer:  products were practically double boxed, craft paper wrapped & bubble wrapped, was impressive. Then the extra field note, freebie pencil, and stickers was amazing. Was most impressed with the transparent communication at each stage of my order process. Never change your attention to detail!

Don in St. Louis

Thank you, Notegeist! Love your shop, love the quirky, quality products you provide!

Pennsylvania customer

Gary,  thanks for great service and the extra goodies!  With this order, I will be able to finally bring chaos to the pencils all over the house.  Glad I found you but I have no idea why....maybe you found me because I was in need. 

Texas customer

WOW! Great packaging and definitely shopping for more goodies in the future! Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Michigan customer

I was so impressed by the speed of how quick you had my order out the door. Everything arrived quick and in great shape.

Paul K., Texas