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Vintage Bullet Pencil - Baby Chix Seed Corn - Notegeist dot com
Vintage Bullet Pencil - Ft McHenry - Notegeist dot com
Vintage Bullet Pencil - Macon Hybrids - Notegeist dot com
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Vintage Bullet Pencil - Producers Commission Association - Notegeist dot com

Vintage Bullet Pencils - Various Styles

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These are offered as is, as shown, and most likely the erasers are dried and hard (as is typical with vintage bullet pencils). All have pencil stubs, erasers.

Further details for each bullet pencil:

  • Dr. Macdonald's Vitamized Feed Co. Inc., Fort Dodge Iowa (drawing of bagpiper on white barrel)
  • Baby Chix Seed Corn, John Ackerman, Dealer, Allison, Iowa
  • Fort McHenry (graphic of fort, guns, US flag)
  • Macon Hybrids, Decatur, Illinois (graphic of bird - cardinal?)
  • Plain barrel, no writing
  • Producers Commission Association, Union Stock Yards, Indianapolis, Ind.

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