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Seeing Into Conversations: Children Using Words in Stories

Seeing Into Conversations: Children Using Words in Stories

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Children begin thinking through story and play. Vivian Paley (1929 - 2019) taught and wrote about children, stories, play and thinking. I discovered her books, filmed her in 2000, and began following in her footsteps.

Seeing Into Conversations: Children Using Words in Stories includes 20+ stories told and drawn by young children who answered the question with which Paley began her storytelling sessions: “Do you have a story for me?”

When Da'Shawna, age 5, answered my question with a question ("Do you know how to see in the conversation?") I decided to use some of her words in my title.

Each page contains a story and drawing and space for readers' notes, stories and drawings. What will happen when you read the stories to a child and ask them if they have one? I hope the answer mirrors or echoes the one Da'Shawna came up with: "Yes, I can do you in the conversation heart."

The 5x8 book also includes additional information about the differences between the premises of adults and children; and how stories can help advance the search for common thinking ground.

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