Random Thinks The Gary Stand
Random Thinks The Gary Stand  - White-Black
Random Thinks The Gary Stand  - Orange
Random Thinks The Gary Stand  - Purple

Random Thinks Pen/Pencil/Notebook/Card Stand - The Gary

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These amazing, colorful, and curious stands are 3D-printed creations from Random Thinks. Color possibilities are endless, and we'll be getting new colors when these sell out. 

Perfect for your working group of pens or pencils. The stand's bright and cheery colors is bound to perk up your day.

The Gary is a custom design collaboration between Random Thinks and Notegeist. Features:

  • Multiple holes sizes to accommodate small/large pens, pencils
  • Slot to hold three pocket notebooks
  • Thin slot to hold an index card (todos for today?)
  • Tool trough to hold your favorite pen or pencil at the ready

The Gary specs:

  • 5 - 9/16" holes
  • 3 - 7/16" holes
  • 6 - 5/16" holes
  • Footprint:  4" x 5"
  • Tool section height: 3"
  • Notecard/tool trough section height: 2.25"
  • Notebook slot width:  .75"

NOTE:  Due to the subtle artifacts of 3-D printing, some irregularities may exist in each stand. This is normal, and be assured all stands are carefully inspected before releasing for sale.

NOTE: Special buying/shipping arrangements and limitations (if any) are clearly noted in product descriptions and may supercede terms below.


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