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Dapper Notes "Imperfect" - Neapolitan

Dapper Notes "Imperfect" - Neapolitan

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Enon refers to these as "rare oddities." Still handmade, yet some minor issue kept them from being released. Now offered via Notegeist, these are indeed rare and somewhat one-of-a-kind, can can exist as a single imperfect, or there may be several offered.

Each comes with a signed card guaranteeing authenticity (but do not have belly bands, or Enon's signature/notation inside).

A unique opportunity to pick up an uncommon version of the popular Dapper Notes, and sometimes of custom editions which are generally not available to the public (unless a custom client's customer).

  • Bookhead Club limited edition
  • Noted as "misaligned pressing, uncut"
  • 4" x 6"untrimmed
  • 48 pages
  • 70lb dot grid paper


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