Blackwing Production Pencils Sampler Pack
Blackwing 602 Pencil
Blackwing 602 Two Pencils
Blackwing 602 Empty Box
Blackwing MMX Pencil
Blackwing MMX Two Pencils
Blackwing MMX Empty Box
Blackwing Natural Pencil
Blackwing Natural Two Pencils
Blackwing Natural Empty Box
Blackwing Pearl Pencil
Blackwing Pearl Two Pencils
Blackwing Pearl Empty Box

Blackwing Production Pencils - Samplers, Singles, Multiples

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Iconic pencils brought back from extinction by Palomino Blackwing. All new and unsharpened. These are the four currently produced "production" pencils.

Available as a sampler pack of all four, or in quantities as shown in the selector above. Empty boxes also available.

  • 602 - Firm core (~B-2B)
  • MMX - Soft core 
  • Natural - Extra-firm core (~HB)
  • Pearl - Balanced core (~2-3B)

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