Stationery (non)Subscription Box

The Paper & Point stationery (non)subscription box is a monthly, curated mystery box sharing great paper(s) and tool(s)!

Current Paper & Point Plans

  • On the 15th of each month (sooner if early sell-out), boxes will ship for pre-orders. If any boxes remain, they are available in the shop.
  • Zero commitment or fussy subscription: buy when you like.
  • Some months will have themes, others not so much, but always great paper(s) and tool(s). Occasionally, I may skip a month.
  • Only 25 boxes available initially, but if supported, may increase to 50 boxes per month.
  • Price: $20 to $30 range, including U.S. shipping.

How to (non)Subscribe

  • Newsletter subscribers will know when each box releases via a link to a non-public product page. If any boxes remain available after 24 hours, the product link will appear on various social media channels.
  • Stay subscribed to the newsletter to keep this pre-order advantage, or take your chances and check the shop around the 15th of each month.
  • Not subscribed to the newsletter? Click here to sign up.

Subscription Perks

  • A private page (link provided in a box slip) will offer discounted extra box itemsExtras only available during the subscription box's month, subject to availability. 
  • Additionally, a coupon code (code in a box slip) will give box (non)subscribers a one-time, 10% off other Notegeist items. Code is good only through the end of the subscription month, and can combine with the extras offering above in the same order (discount will not apply to extras, since they are already discounted).

Disclaimer: Plans, rules, offerings, and other Paper & Point features/conditions may change as the program matures, and it could become a sign-up subscription type.