Notegeist Buying Program

Selling to Notegeist works for some, but not for everyone

I get that, and I'm good if you’d rather take the time to sell to multiple buyers using multiple shipments to maximize your sales income.

For some, however, selling to Notegeist can be a good option:

  • Avoids hassle of selling to individuals with multiple transactions, eBay hassle, boxing multiple orders and payments, etc.
  • Reduces effort of multiple trips to the post office, UPS, etc.
  • Saves time and hassles via one-box/one-payment when selling to Notegeist.

Please remember I buy to resell in the shop (not to flip to eBay!). The shop's overhead and time to prep, photograph, and list items all cut into what at first seems like high profits.

What kind of stationery goodies will Notegeist buy?

Unless it’s a vintage item, I buy goods that are new, or sometimes, at least like new.

Most of what I buy is brand name and a known, niche name in the stationery world. The buy sheet lists these brands and items, but if you have something not listed that you think might interest me, let me know.

Common niche brands bought (others possible):

  • Blackwing
  • Dapper Notes
  • Log + Jotter
  • Field Notes
  • Baronfig pens and non-Confidant notebooks

How does it work?

  1. First, download the rate sheet to see examples of current needs and buy rates. It’s all transparent and there are no games here.
  2. Then, send me a list of what you want to sell. Photos for some items not on the list or with condition issues.
  3. Next, I’ll assess your list and send you an offer for the items I've chosen and the buy rate for each.
  4. If after reviewing the offer, you'd still like to move the items I did choose, let me know and I might consider a lump sum offer to include those as well..

What about shipping?

Paying for shipping varies by offer. The more you have that I need, the more likely I’ll cover shipping (usually only considered on buys of $300+). Sometimes an offer includes a shipping offset amount to help with shipping, but not cover the total cost. Other option is the seller pays for shipping.

Regardless of who pays for shipping, it’s the seller’s responsibility to pack the items well, so they arrive undamaged. I will deduct for any damaged goods from inadequate protection and return them, including cost of return shipping (but will discuss via email before doing anything if this happens). Shipper's insurance could help recoup these losses, but takes a long time to receive from UPS and USPS. In the dozens of buys I've made over the years, damage has only happened to one Field Notes pack, so it's not a likely event. If you'd like some tips and tricks on packing to protect, let us know.

What about payment?

Typically, I pay the agreed-upon price on receipt of goods. If you have sold to me before, I can split payment into 50% on tracking notification and the balance on receipt of goods.

Payment usually via PayPal.


Use the contact form if you have questions. If you’re ready to send a list, please review the buy sheet first for more specific information and awareness of prices usually paid. If all that’s good, then email your list to info at notegeist dot com. I usually respond quickly.