Sell to Notegeist

Got some spare stationery goods and prefer to sell in one batch? Want to save the hassles of a bunch of shipments? Then Notegeist's buying program may work for you.

Simply put, we buy things like we carry in the shop now, or cool vintage or other stationery goods that fit in our model.

The benefit of selling to Notegeist is not in making the most selling your stuff, but in limiting the hassle of selling off individually through the usual online venues. And sometimes you just need to quickly liquidate for good reasons and we can offer a quick sale and fast payment.

What we pay:

  • Since we need to make a decent profit in the shop, prices paid will vary based on market and ease of selling.
    • For common stuff, we pay about 50% of what we'd sell the item for.
    • On scarcer stuff, the pay rate can go as high as 70%.
  • Payment is via PayPal as Friends & Family (see limitations on payment timing below).
  • Seller typically pays shipping costs to us, but that can vary for each buy (e.g., large buys may include a prepaid shipping label from us for you to use).


  • In nearly all cases, condition must be as new or close. Exceptions vary, but so may the price paid if condition is not as new.
  • Item can be unsealed (as in pocket notebook packs but all paper goods need to be as new) or without original packaging (as in pencils, pens, etc.).
  • Goods must be in normal working condition and clean (e.g., pens, pencils, sharpeners, etc.).
  • Sellers must pack and protect the goods well. Any goods not arriving as described, or damaged due to inadequate packing, will be excluded from the buy and return shipping taken out of the full payment.
  • First-time seller? If we haven't worked with in the past, we pay upon receipt of goods.
  • Known sellers? We send payment on receipt of shipping tracking from you.

Interested in talking about what you have to sell? Give us a shout via the contact form.