Sell to Notegeist

Got some spare stationery goods and prefer to sell in one batch? Want to save the hassles of a bunch of shipments? Then Notegeist's buying program may work for you.

Simply put, we buy things like we carry in the shop now, or cool vintage or other stationery goods that fit in our model. But specifically, we're very interested in Blackwing Volumes and retired Field Notes Quarterly Limited Edition sealed packs. See notes below on these two brands.

Benefits to you:  limits hassle of selling off individually, you get paid for all of it quickly (with no fees subtracted), and you can make one trip versus a bunch to the post office.

What we pay:

  • Offers based on our periodically updated buy sheet, which provides a guideline but not necessarily the final offer. Final offer depends on current stock and needs.
    • Payment is via PayPal as Friends & Family (see limitations on payment timing below).
    • Seller pays for shipping except for large lot buys, in which Notegeist will provide a shipping label (without insurance). If shipper desires insurance, Notegeist will include a shipping subsidy in the payment in lieu of providing the non-insured, prepaid shipping label.
    • Seller is responsible to get the goods to us and is responsible for loss or damage. Insurance, if any, benefits the shipper (seller) not Notegeist.


    • Condition must be as new or close, with original inserts if they exist. Exceptions vary, especially with vintage goods.
    • Sellers must pack and protect the goods well. Any goods not arriving as described, or damaged due to inadequate packing, will be excluded from the buy and return shipping taken out of the full payment.
    • Seller is paid via PayPal on receipt and inspection of goods.

    Specific brand details:

    • Blackwing Volumes - Buying singles, partial boxes, full boxes. Some releases are marked "not buying" if we're overstocked, or have blank pricing  indicating too new and readily available. Also interested in any collaborative issues (Diana, TWA, etc.).
    • Field Notes - Buying ONLY sealed packs of Quarterly Limited Editions and a few editions that were for public sale and available tor resellers via the Field Notes Brand website (e.g., Wilco, Red Blooded, etc.). Notegeist does not buy or sell any single notebooks and/or singles/packs of collaboration Field Notes.

    Interested in talking about what you have to sell? Give us a shout via the contact form.