About Notegeist

Are you interested in hard-to-find quality notebooks, pencils, pens, or stationery accessories? You'll find these and much more here at Notegeist. We do the work for you by curating and collecting the eclectic, unusual, and desirable stationery accessories, paper, and tools.


A little history...


Those of you who are in the Erasables or Field Nuts Facebook groups probably know me from my long-term membership there. Additionally, from 2014-2016 I had the first Notegeist online shop running, which about midway morphed into Papernery.


At the time, I was still working in corporate America so the shops were a labor of love, but became too time-consuming to work in the evenings and weekends combined with a full-time, demanding job.


I'm now retired from corporate life, so the time demands are much easier and thought it was time to get back to my love of sharing cool stationery stuff I find. I love providing ways for more people to embrace good writing tools and papers.


I hope you enjoy my offerings and please let me know what you think and what else you'd like to see via the contact form.